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  1. ndox900 May 05, 2015
    thank you :]

  2. Valuna Retired Moderator Jan 27, 2015

    I have this tab open for a looong time now on my phone and I finally feel like I am not stressfull enough and feeling that there is enough time to reply. So sorry! Minitokyo does ask a bit for moderating around. I actually wanted to comment on most walls, but haven't really been doing that either ; ;

    Aaanyway, let's reread and reply.
    Uploading older walls is nice. I feel like perfectioning mine sometime just because I can and because it looks amazing without any technical issues. Depending how much it changes, you might consider re-uploading it and deleting the old one. That Ga-Rei one is quite decent to begin with, but it can use some editing/improvement. Knowing your skills now, should be better.

    I still have all my .psd files and most of my .ai ones. Too bad that when you don't have the .psd anymore it is a bit annoying, since you can't just improve your vector, replace it and change a few things. Voila. Well, remaking quite a few won't be much of a problem I think though...unless it's painted. I know about the copy/pasta things. Just make a few variations and then copy/paste them. Otherwise there is too many of the same, just make sure there is some variation. can always reflect or turn it 180 degrees to make it more it's own.

    Oh man...that reminds me how good you have always been compared to nubby me xD I have always so many flaws because I just get into it and then get meh...too bad walling is a pain in the ass for me to do properly now so I mainly just make vectors. Latest one is a lovely ecchi one by refeia. I might finish that one up for Valentines xD In the end, I am more of a vector artist than a waller. My walling fails tremendously, because the only thing I am actually exceeding in is lighting. Lighting when it comes to balancing, contrasting and colouring along with simple effects that falls underneath it. I lack a lot in proper backgrounds and such xD

  3. back07 Nov 05, 2014

    thank you for fav(s) on my scan

  4. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 30, 2014

    South Park? Atleast you're less of an otaku than me...I started out with anime stuff. that there is nothing left. I personally kind of like to see what I used to make, even for drawing. Threw away a lot of doodles, but actually drawings are worth keeping. It really paid off for you with all the siggies and stuff cuz...look at your wallpapers...I'm a bit jelly.

    Yeah, numbers and especially ratings tend to drive people crazy. I actually secretely always hoped this and that wall does well...surprisingly, the ratings go by what people like/love and is overal not judged properly for what you bring. So the hype is the way to go. Some people get obsessed and try everything for a good rating, even if it means resubmitting their stuff. I know how it is with games and MMO's and is the same and it is the same reason why I refuse to play with any responsibility aside from having fun and enjoying myself doing what I love.

    AP mainly lost activity due to people being scared away since some people thought it was their territory and no trespassers allowed or something. No idea, kind of seemed like that and well...decline in activity. With AP gone, many wallers did lose interest in walling itself...I assume it were mainly the ones that started out on AP and/or just got really busy with rl. I know they were good and all, but I do think if you love art enough and like to make wallpapers, anyone would still make one every now and then. no sign left...oh right. Some went over to other social media, but I am pretty anti-social media so

    Upload your walls on MT! Surely the site is to be around for quite a not even sure if you submitted them all. Even if there is no rating, I personally like it when it is just on the site so people can use it. Maybe because I am aware that my walls are better than official walls and there isnt any other place like this. So, I'm just happy for it and sharing some love. Aside from that, I actually wish there will be another good waller gen coming up but I am afraid it wont happen ; ;

    Really? I almost lost everyone...except a few! you noticed, quite a lot on MT left and it is mostly new people. I actually don't talk with anyone from AP...except two and one includes you. MT...well...sometimes I still chat to Cyanide...uhh...other person I know for long is Darthas. Rest kind of waller or any of my girls anymore ; ;

    For skype chat. Still no internetz! I'll wait to inform you when I have so it is more of a boat with living than a ghostship.

    Aww...well...there was a pretty smexy grill with black hair on it and a nice pair of bewbz...also a blonde or something. Prefered the black hair only XD

  5. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2014

    Quote by TensIt was supposed to be a clown because of the big nose. But I can see what you're talking about hahah.

    Nuttin' munch. Just lurking around to see how MT is doing and who is sticking around. I wish I had the habit of going through the scans here but I am too used to the old MT. Where there would be a bajillion scans uploaded every day so I didn't bother lol. I probably missed so many good scans. Nowadays I have more free time so been killing it by finding manga/manhwa to read and watching some anime. Too many manga to list that I'm following but really hooked on Feng Shen Ji.

    Hah. Ignore me then, my brain is simply not cooperating with me lately. >_>

    Ohh, does that mean that by having more time, we'll be seeing more walls? xD I remember you showing me a WIP of some girl with a...monochrome(?) background or something like that. She was kinda done but you were stuck on the BG. I sympathize with you. :D

    Hm, I must admit I usually avoid manhwa but that's mostly because I tend to associate that word with Hwang Mi Ri and Han Yu Rang and those should just be thrown in the deepest pit and set on fire. >_> I do believe there are some good ones so I'll check that one out. I'm currently still reading DOGS, Tokyo Ghoul and watching new episodes of Psycho-Pass.

  6. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 13, 2014

    Ahahaha, I remember jumping from forum to forum and showing off all my stuff. I got a lot better at some point. The last place I went to was MyAnimeList. Won some signature contests, but I somehow got bored with all the social stuff and well...I deserted. Now I'm just on MT as a regular and a few sites for information. Anyway, somewhere in my career, a friend told me to make wallpapers and here I am as I was definitely more of a challenge and for newbies, it is good to know how to make a good signature in order to make a good wallpaper (now you know why I'm such a colour/lighting freak, even if I'm not the most superior in this). Really...I only made a couple things a day at best. No idea how you got so obsessed. Didn't you have your stuff saved on your HDD?

    Because AP was more controlled and competetive, it asks for elitists. It is an inevitable consequence of using competition. It is true that people did improve, but I honestly think any of the sites helped the artists greatly. At some point, AP's rating system was a bit odd. Every decent looking wallpaper got an S or something. Kind of like how MT's wallpapers have trouble reaching 100 favourites atm. Before, I could pull off a wallpaper like Homura one and get 150+ with ease. My Miku one? Should have gotten over 300(kind of saddening with 150 in the end)...but that would only have happened if the site and people were as active as a couple years ago. On to AP, people became kind of bad. I left after it being socially a terrible site and only thing I would be doing was submitting stuff. I didn't care so much though, on AP, that is. I did meet a couple nice/good people regardless. I wonder who you still talk with Tens besides me?

    Not sure if legendary, I just seem to have gained quite a lot of respect. I can say with all honesty I ain't one that follows all the rules, but will try to do so as a part of other words, I'm not a stuck-up and one that kisses other's butts much. Hmm...well, it depends. I'm one of the more open moderators around this place, but there are people who think we are holy or something...while we are just some other people who manage the place. People will think you are a serious robot until you decide or they decide to have a chat. I mean, haven't you ever had these thoughts of "this person so cool, always sounding so serious" and then one day you get a talk and you find out it is a complete idiot with good grammar. It is funnt though. Btw, when I get my internet back (been gone for an eternity) i'll bring back MT skypechat with some audiocall sessions to talk to fellow minitokyians. Perhaps you are interested? It will take a while though. I dont even know exactly when I will have internet again (yes, your almight mod is very poor irl XD)

    I actually hate to make so many typos but it just happens so much more because I write it all on my phone and it is a pain tbh. Anyway...such a qt black hair...gawd, it is probably the sexiest type of grills I know...aside from a couple blondes...If only black haired girls that have a great personality and look have a decent role...well, I like the pic regardless...despite it being yuri-ishclickies XD

  7. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2014

    I don't recall that ever happening. With the description you gave and showed what you have now. Perhaps you could put the heart (could be mechanical) beneath her, underneath the floor and perhaps some veins popping out. Should be pretty nice looking and maybe a bit too ambitiuous.

    Yup! That's what I thought myself. Not to mention there is a very lovely amount of sexiness in it aswell. AP was down before I ever could use all the papers I had. Too bad nat is barely active here. I guess she was loyal to AP and maybe went to social media like tumblr just as Cy did. Well, I'm glad MT still has a large scan section, I just think there were more fanatics on AP, which caused it to have some exclusives.

    Oh ho ho...seems we are both liking No Game No Life artworks. Its truly magnificent to me and well...I always feel there is a rainbow. Extentions shouldn't be so bad to do on this wall or hard at that. I'm pretty sure its less worse than Homura's hair. It's just the tail and a bit of the hair. I'm not exactly fit to help you out with it. I always extend by drawing stroke lines in illustrator, then move on from that.

    MT is only around because of some idiots like me. You probably noticed there aren't any old moderators left in this place and I kind of suddenly became a wall mod and used to br the only one around for a while until Panda offered (allround mod) to help out. Had to teach her quite a few stuff while I judt got over a power testsession of only 2 weeks. It's all good I guess. MT doesn't seem to be improving in member participation in the forums and groups/reviews kind of dead. The place got a big smack in the face two times and it is slowly recovering. I was an anon for 1 year on MT before I did anything. I'm already 8 years old here...I was 14 apparently, about the time I started to learn about Graphics Design. Didn't make walls until years later.

    Tbh, I always did like MT's community more and it was less competetive than AP in general. Well, AP wasn't so bad, but eventually I became legendary on MT. It is hilarious but it happens when you stick around so long and still give awesome/nice works aside from being an overal fun person. It really is more than I think I deserve myself @_@

  8. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2014

    Quote by Tens

    Quote by Alenas I see you lurkin', I be stalkin'~


    That looks almost Christmas-y, lol.

    'sup? xD

  9. Alenas Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2014

    I see you lurkin', I be stalkin'~

  10. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 10, 2014

    Am I that obvious? Well...I don't really submit Ecchi stuff, but I guess it gives away that I don't mind it and have a liking to it. To the point of actual perversions? I'll leave it up to you to figure.

    Yup, the artstyle is all about it. I frequently recieve hentai pages from some person for two reasons; it's funny or the art is great. So I kind of get what you're getting at, despite not reading them myself unless it is the reason stated above. Sometimes it is pretty sad that the artists don't recieve thr recognition they should from their art cuz hentai. I usually just browse MT in search of beautiful art and/or sexy ecchi girls (it is really easy to find out all the scans I like).

    Inspiration huh? I'm having quite a bit of trouble myself to find inspiration, especially for backgrounds. It really isn't my strongest part for making walls, more like the opposite. Holy shi- you still have your WIP from back then? You know..I don't even know what it is anymore. I'm not sure, I think MT could help you enough figure out what to do. Maybe you want to give some love to something or just find a beautiful scan? Have a look around the place.

    Love...xD let's see if this does anything other than make you drool.

    Tbh, I kind of forgot about AP. It just never went back up or anything and's in the past. There's still MT to share awesome art with quality, despite the overal walling quality having gone down.

    Oh yeah! Thanks for sticking around and still having the force inside of you :3

  11. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 09, 2014

    Quote by Tens

    Quote by Valuna No! I did not mean to see you naked...I'm not that perverted ; ;

    It's ok. I know your ero levels arn't off the charts. But... just maybe... in some alternate reality there is an incorrigible perverted Valuna that drools all over her screen and submits ecchi art every week. That would be a sight to see lol.

    That is a fair possibility in this should know me a bit better. I'm probably worse than you could imagine, but it is so difficuly since I tend to be more conserved. That is the reason why I wouldn't perv on Tens-kun.

    I would submit original naughty ecchi grills if it wasn't for the lack of lots of equipment, internet and time (vectoring takes ages). Seems I'll be getting a tablet next summer, I think. I'll celebrate it with some smexy grill. I have quite a liking to ecchi. You'll be surprised. I even go gay for Sena exclusively XD it's not bad when she is 2D and pure love.

  12. Valuna Retired Moderator Oct 06, 2014

    No! I did not mean to see you naked...I'm not that perverted ; ;

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